Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Solutions


The US Resources BOYD smart solutions give you the opportunity to enhance employee productivity and engagement while lowering the costs of business. We provide a comprehensive approach to effectively managing and controlling the access of a BYOD device network while enhancing the experience and output of everyone who uses it.

The huge increase in the propensity of new IT trends to release to consumers first, has led to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. When consumers drive the adoption of new technologies instead of corporations and governments, it becomes extremely important for the latter to make sure that consumers’ devices remain safe and secure during the latest IT fad!

The security problems arise because a lot of these new devices are not customized for enterprise requirements, so corporations are rather unsure about the security and supportability features of these devices. BYOD has intense hidden implications, therefore it is important that corporations carefully come up with strategies that are clearly defined and understood by all before they are implemented.

Our expert engineers guide you through implementing BYOD solutions through your daily operations. We also provide the necessary infrastructure including security and network management to enhance the experience. Our services can help you secure a high-performing network that is accessible to a huge range of devices.

US Resources services prepare your company’s infrastructure for BYOD by reducing the IT Department’s burden of having to manually onboard and track personal devices. We have the most cutting edge device registration solutions that will completely eliminate IT Dept.’s involvement in on boarding devices.

They will also provide you with complete access to audit and track all the devices on your network at any given time. And to top it all off, our device registration solutions are strongly integrated with DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI). This ensures that your infrastructure is ready for an extraordinary increase in devices, IP addresses and incoming requests for integration that come with an increase in BYOD.

Organizations that adopt BOYD can see a 9% to 44% decrease in their capital expenses. This is because putting the BOYD systems in place will help you significantly reduce risks while achieving some amazing benefits for your organization.  US Resources BYOD solutions helps you significantly reduce the quantity of hardware you must purchase and maintain, by letting your employees use their own devices freely for office work.

BYOD, if implemented correctly, has some remarkable effects or employee satisfaction and efficiency as well.  Employees, who get to use their favorite devices to work, get more done. It also helps that they are able to work remotely if they have the same device. Also, BYOD lets your employees know that their organization is willing to support their preferred styles of work.

When you choose to work with US Resources for implementing your BYOD strategies, you can rest assured that all the mobile devices across your organization will be secured without any data loss. We will ensure that your company is completely protected from industrial spying and data thefts.

US Resources makes it easy for you to launch a BYOD initiative that meets the needs of your IT department as well as your employees.

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