Virtual Desktop Solutions

Desktop Virtualization involves creating a desktop environment in the absence of a physical machine. Virtual desktops are hosted on a remote central server and can be accessed for using applications, data and programs via any computing device, including PCs, laptops, smart phones and thin clients.

Forward thinking organizations understand that mobility and agility are becoming critical areas of focus in any competitive landscape. Thus, they are taking advantage of the many benefits that Desktop Virtualization has to offer.

Some of which include:

  • Reduced Hardware Cost
  • Rapid, Centralized Client Management and Deployment
  • Increased mobility – Empowers a productive mobile workforce
  • Flexible Controls – For employees and IT staff
  • Disaster Recovery Capabilities
  • Improved Security

For over 20 years US Resources has helped organizations keep up with the always advancing pace of technology. We understand the importance of helping you understand which solutions are the best fit for your company based on your unique business needs and objectives.

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