Desktop Virtualization


It is becoming increasingly important to ensure the security and safety of corporate data thanks to rising user demand. These days, employees require consistent and seamless access to their applications and systems especially in view of the latest trend of using multiple devices from anywhere and everywhere. Coupled with the organization’s need for safety and security of their systems, providing such access instantly becomes a daunting task. It seems that one will have to be sacrificed from either security or speed.

Desktop Virtualization makes it easier for an organization to manage existing user PCs. It also helps during the provision of new PC’s and enforces corporate data security policies. Also, companies can enjoy reduced ownership costs thanks to desktop virtualization.

US Resources Desktop Virtualization solutions successfully empower your IT systems by enabling them to accept user connections from absolutely anywhere. It doesn’t matter if your employees aren’t located in the office, or what type of mobile device they use, or even whether they are within your corporate network or not, if they want to get connected, we assure you that they will!

Our Desktop Virtualization solutions ensure a custom-made, consistent and secure experience for users. And what is even better is that when you employ our enterprise solutions, you get centralized control over compliance as well as complete access to your organization’s confidential data.

When you utilize US Resources Desktop Virtualization solutions, our systems work efficiently to provide your users with instant access to desktops, application and Operating software. Your users will get to work sooner than you would have thought possible, while enhancing your IT Department’s capabilities by bringing all of its physical and virtual assets onto a single infrastructure, thereby simplifying a lot of its work.

Smooth, safe and scalable is our motto when it comes to Desktop Virtualization.  Our simplified, sleek desktop operations mean your IT department will not be left wrestling with cables and servers when we are done. Our streamlined services signify predictable performance and unparalleled user experience.

Our Desktop Virtualization solutions benefit the organization as a whole by significantly reducing capital and operating system expenditures. Desktop and application virtualization also benefits you by reducing the need for IT staff at far-off locations and remote branches. All you need to do is provide your off-site users with virtual desktop enabled computers, and we will make sure that your corporate data remains protected throughout the process.

US Resources also helps its clients in the migration of operating systems, retest and certification of applications and in getting more out of your IT assets than you ever thought possible. You can depend on us to effectively deliver virtual desktops to the remotest of locations as well as to temporary users on your network. We also provide centralized desktop management and oversee expedited desktop assembly and distribution while reducing the support costs for you.

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