Integrated Marketing – Strikingly Consistent Message across Mediums

By: US Resources



IMC – Integrated Marketing Communications is considered the hallmark of proactive marketing strategies. Being consistent in words and actions is exceptionally important for making a brand a success story. Each medium must spread a single uniform message about the brand and the company.


A brand that delivers different messages across several mediums ends up in confusion. Uniformity, clarity, and consistency are so crucial for a brand’s success that even an awe-inspiring idea can ruin the entire marketing campaign if it is inconsistent across mediums. Marketing campaigns across different mediums should not only complement each other, but are also intended to reinforce the very basic idea. A campaign that lacks this bonding is doomed to failure. Moreover, the company’s dealings with end customers must also be aligned with what their marketing campaign says.

Creatively Consistent

Integrated marketing holds that a company must not lose sight of being consistent in message delivery and customer dealings. What you say in the television commercial (TVC) has to be exactly the same in outdoor marketing, telemarketing, print ads, web site, personal communications, etc. However, it must be coupled with the essence of creativity in each medium and touch-point. In simple words, it is about reinforcing the same idea in different styles.

No Guess Work

Each product category is bursting with hundreds of brands by different companies that are competing with each other. Consequently, increase in marketing and promotion is inevitable. The custodians of each brand try their level best to make sure their message gets through the target audiences. However, with the existence of numerous electronic and print media, it becomes very difficult. There is no rule of thumb that can indicate which medium or channel is likely to be the most effective.

Reinforce to Make It Happen

Fragmented target segments give rise to varying customer demographics, psychographics, behaviors, and expectations. Relying on a single medium is useless now; you either have to go for several mediums or stop selling at all. Even more important is the consistency of message. You have to give customers a solid reason to be with you. Generate awareness and continuously reinforce it to magnetize, retain, and engage the customers. It will sound like a cliché, but indeed ‘out of sight is out of mind.’

Think and Act Smart

Integrated marketing ensures that your message gets through to the target audiences effectively and efficiently. Though, it is not as simple as it may sound. Being uniform and consistent doesn’t only mean inserting the same tagline, using the same color palette, or forcibly adding the same content that might not be suitable for every medium. Marketers must admit that each medium is different from others; and therefore, integration has to be done through exceedingly smart and creative marketing tactics and practices.