Integrated Marketing – A Combination of Different Marketing Tactics

By: US Resources

Integrated Marketing

Simply put integrated marketing is a combination of different
marketing tactics to build awareness and likeability. There is nothing simple
about it because integrated marketing is all about tact and attention to the
needs of the audience. It is imperative to know the right marketing approach
for a particular market.

Integrated marketing is a great opportunity to learn the
preferences and needs of the audience. There are plenty of examples of small
businesses blowing their competition out of the water using a successful and
driven integrated marketing campaign.

A successful IM campaign can be made up of a lot of different
marketing tactics. For example, when marketing for their new website, a
business can include its link on all its correspondence and provide
technologically savvy customers with QR codes on envelopes and shopping bags.
Mention the website on all corporate gifts, and smart mail services targeted at
the more loyal customers. All of this is to ensure a better return on the
investment made on the website.

Integrated marketing solutions are the perfect way of enhancing
the reach of your message. But traditional advertising agencies have already
been left behind in the race, integrated marketing is a service performed by IT
related firms as most of the advertising services are related to email and
internet marketing. It also employees Search Engine Optimization and website
creation and marketing tools to their full advantage.

Integrated Marketing is hard work as it takes a lot of
coordination and alertness to assess and manage customer responses across a
wide-variety of channels. But the results have been very encouraging for
companies that use it. To fully utilize the potential of an integrated
marketing campaign it is important to partner up with a full service IT company
that understands advertising. You need partners who can expand their services
according to your campaigns needs. And this is where IT companies are better
because their services encapsulate everything from customized emails for customers
to event management. It is also imperative to conduct thorough market research
and study of the products being advertised in order to maximize the
effectiveness of an integrated marketing campaign.

The aim of a successful campaign is to educate the customer from
all entry points so they decide that they have all the information about the
product or service, to warrant a purchase. And despite its effectiveness, the
costs involved in an integrated marketing campaign are minimal at best when
compared to the exponential gains resulting from it.

If an organization’s marketing isn’t taking advantage of all the
available media for marketing its products, it may be actively losing money. It
is time for all companies to revisit their marketing plans and decide how to
benefit from this new marketing trend.