Multichannel Marketing – A 3D Brand Effect Surrounding the Target Customers

By: US Resources



Customers come across so many brands every single second that retention rate always remains a headache for marketers. In highly competitive environments, attracting customers and keeping them engaged is indeed tricky. However, multichannel marketing enables you to create a 3D effect around customers so that they cannot get out of the spell of your marketing campaign.

Market Transformation

Gone are the days when television was the only medium of spreading product awareness. People used to sit, watch, and enjoy that prime time on the TV, which was inclusive of news, entertainment, and commercial promotion. Life used to be extremely simple in the past with few brands, little promotional content, and thus modest competition. People were not forced to select among several competing brands. Instead there used to be one or few brand(s) taking the lead.

However, at present, we are standing amidst excessive competition where loads of brands are being bombarded over mass markets. This brand competition eventually calls for marketing and promotion in order to cater the target segments. There couldn’t be any other effective way to attract customers than marketing. Brand quality, performance, imagery, and consistency, all come into the picture later. What we first encounter the brand through is certainly the marketing itself.


The 21st century is the age of brand building. Brand managers just cannot afford to neglect marketing and promotion. To put it straight, marketing is the single most effective tool to generate and sustain brand salience. It is the touch-point between a seller and buyer. In view of the exceeding importance and astonishing impact that marketing has upon brand building, there are several tools and tactics used by concerned professionals.

Smart Selling

Marketing is no more reliant on electronic media alone, numerous mediums enable manufacturers to reach their respective target segments. As implied by the name too, the concept is known as multichannel marketing. Sellers facilitate customers through several mediums and channels so that they can learn and buy easily from one that appears most feasible to them. Manufacturers also go for partnerships with supply chain channel members who can market the brand directly to customers.

The following tools are included in multichannel marketing:

  • Broadcast media
  • Web ads
  • Print ads
  • Company website
  • Business cards
  • Tele-seminars or webinars
  • Direct mail
  • Email
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Social media sites
  • Retail store
  • Wholesaler

Brand Leverage

Here it goes without saying that companies going for multiple channels spend much more than those using a single channel for brand promotion. However, the excess cost comes with exceeding benefits too. Multichannel marketing enables the manufacturers to attract, create, sustain, and increase their loyal customer base. Undoubtedly, customers are delighted to get more than their expectations. Since they are pampered heavily, they stick to particular brands and form a loyal customer.