Multichannel Marketing


These are the days of chaos and clutter, which is why it has become extremely important that companies engage their customers, both current and prospective, in an attractive manner. It is important that you interact with them through multiple channels in order to make it through the commotion with a loud and clear voice.

US Resources offers you the ultimate Multichannel Marketing platform which ensures that your customers get a consistent and custom-made experience from all the channels, be it emails, SMS, RSS, social media or even more.  The Marketing Experts at US Resources are fully equipped to supply the best in-class products that are critical for creating a successful multichannel marketing campaign. Combine this with a dependable delivery strategy and you have already established a strong rapport with your customers.

Our customer-centric marketing solutions employ the right channels to target your customers delivering to them your messages in clear-cut words and delivering real-time, measureable results.

Business managers are under constant demand for increasing profit and sales for their companies. But at the same time many of them are subjected to reduced marketing budgets that are being slashed regularly. This has led to a greater importance for word-of-mouth marketing and companies are more aware of their own financial restrictions and their competitors’ strengths. Multi channel marketing is an effective method of making sure that you and your products are always present in front of your customers, especially when they are about to make the critical choice of buying.

US Resources Multichannel Marketing services lead to an effective increase in lead generation as well as retention of high value customers. Successful marketing campaigns not only lead to better sales but also customer loyalty and retention. And once loyalty is captured, it can easily be translated into more sales from existing customers as well as new customers who find out about your brands and products from existing customers. US Resources help your customers connect with your products. We use the right channels to target your type of customers.

At US Resources, we get to know your business thoroughly before attempting Multichannel Marketing. We use proven marketing strategies that help retain high value customers.  Our approach towards multichannel marketing is specifically tailored towards your needs and if required, we will even mange your campaign execution so you can spend time servicing your customers without any additional stress of marketing. Our services include email marketing, search marketing, Mobile and SMS marketing, digital advertising and social network campaigns.

You can fully depend on us to completely engage your brand with prospective customers by using multichannel marketing and communications.

We also provide you with complete insights into the results of our personalized multichannel marketing campaigns. You can choose to employ some or all of the tools in our arsenal, which include direct mailing, smart emails, QR codes, personalized URLs and so much more!


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