Maintenance Programs

Protect your investments and move your business forward

US Resources flexible maintenance program allows you to select the program most appropriate for your business needs.

  • Fixed Fee Maintenance Programs for both Network Critical and non-Network Critical Equipment.
    • Network Critical Support
      • 2-hour on-site support
      • Same-Day Loaners
      • Spare Parts inventory adjustments to accommodate customer premise equipment.
      • Access to US Resources Help Desk
      • Unlimited number of calls or hours billed.
      • Option for 24×7 hour service program.
    • Non-Network Critical Equipment
      • 4-hour on-site support
      • Access to US Resources Help Desk
      • Unlimited number of calls
      • Access to Spare Parts
  • US Resources Service Retainer Programs
    • Utilize US Resources services on an as-needed basis at a discounted hourly rate.
    • Annual Retainer programs of $5,000 and $10,000.
    • Discounted Hourly rates for Consulting and Network Engineer Support.
    • Response Guarantees when Retainer Program is combined with another US Resources service Program.
  • US Resources Time & Materials (T&M) Support
    • Utilize US Resources premier service on an as needed basis.
    • Service delivered by US Resources engineers
    • Retail Rates or Service provided on a best-effort basis
    • COD
      • Credit Terms provided after submission and approval of an US Resources Credit Application.
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