US Resources – Mobile Device Management Press Release

Vienna, Virginia – January 8, 2013US Resources Now Offers MDM Services
to Small & Medium Enterprises to Enhance Their Operations.

MDM services offered by US Resources help small and medium sized firms cope
with the pace of the continuously changing technology.

US Resources, a well-reputed IT service provider, is proud to announce the
provision of an MDM solution to facilitate organizations in incorporating this
system and operating it. The new MDM service will enable firms to streamline
their networking systems and provide them greater safety and security.

The continuous change in IT trends has necessitated such services in order to
provide greater convenience to corporations. The introduction of Mobile Device
Management has completely changed the way corporations now function.

Mobile devices like iPads, iPhones and Blackberrys are being widely used by business
executives, not only for personal use but also for several business activities.
This trend has taken on so quickly that over 50% of US organizations are now
supporting the idea of BYOD or Bring Your Own Device. Even though this system
has enhanced productivity and attributed for greater employee satisfaction, the
risks and challenges posed by this system to the privacy and security of firms
cannot be easily ignored.

To offer greater safety and security to firms with various mobile devices on their
network and to give them greater control over their operations, US Resources
has launched and is now offering real-time MDM solutions to such enterprises.

Engineers at US Resources are providing complete security to every device on their
customers’ networks as well as to their data and applications. US Resources is able
to provide convenience and ease to all end users including those in the Finance
and IT Departments. This way, employees will not be bound to work on a desktop
and are free to use any device that they like and work according to their own
terms. On the other hand, firms can stay updated about their connections and
the progress of the work being carried out.

Spencer Copland Vice President at, said, “The current technology has
created a win-win situation for both, the firm and the employees. We pledge to
transfer all technological resources to our clients. This will assist them in
staying up-to-date and coping with the fast changing technological scenario.”
Furthermore, he added, “Very easy-to-use MDM systems are installed by our engineers
and we offer excellent support to our clients once they start using our

With such technology, organizations can now carry out their operations using BYOD
much more efficiently and even reduce the security risk by using the MDM
services provided by US Resources.


About US Resources

Formerly LAN Solutions Inc, the company has been expanded and renamed to US Resources.
The company provides IT solutions to some of the biggest companies in the
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