Advantages and Disadvantages of BYOD in MDM

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is getting increasingly popular
in organizations as well as with employees. Many employees are more welcoming
to the idea of using their own devices for business purposes too rather than
having to carry another business device for business purposes only. However,
this has also seen an equal amount of criticism from businesses as well as some
employees who feel that their privacy is being breached or because their data
is at risk because of the MDM system installed in their devices. If you are
still unsure whether to incorporate a company provided device or BYOD in your
business practices, then the following pros and cons will help you make a
smarter decision.

The Device

The functions of an MDM are more based on the system used
rather than the device being used. Most of the tablets and Smartphones are
compatible with MDM, hence it shouldn’t be difficult to incorporate an MDM
strategy as most of the employees are likely to own these devices. It is far
easier to get access to business data on just one device then having to carry
two around most of the time. This way you can ensure that the employees have
access to the system at all times.

Cost Effective

BYOD can save a lot of money for the corporation who would
need to offer these devices to their employees. These devices can be quite
expensive and cost a large scale business a fortune. This is one of the primary
reasons why businesses incorporate BYOD so that they only have to invest in a
high quality System.


Because MDM also uses device location, many employees see
that as an invasion of their privacy and thus are not thrilled about using
their own devices for business purposes too. This is one of the primary reasons
why businesses are discouraged from incorporating BYOD. Unless a better system
can be established where an employee can control whether the device should
appear on the system, this is one criticism that BYOD faces. One way to do that
is to turn off locating the device option if the employee is on vacation in Tysons, Virginia or the
Bahamas and on public holidays etc.


Security is paramount when it comes to MDM systems. Corporations
make it mandatory to use difficult passwords to make sure that there aren’t any
infringements, and in cases the device gets lost or stolen, the corporation
removes all the data from the devices. And in case of BYOD this means removal
of all your personal files, photos and videos too, which may not be welcomed by
all.  However, on the upside, many
wouldn’t mind their personal data being removed in case it leads to identity
theft or other cyber crimes. The fact is, if your device is lost or stolen,
then the chances are you have lost all the data as it is, however it is
generally taken as a disadvantage when it comes to BYOD in mobile device management.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes BYOD in MDM, it simply depends on
different preferences and professional needs and regulations. Many businesses
also offer flexible options where the user can make the decision as to what
they would much rather prefer.

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