Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

By: US Resources

Server and desktop virtualization are relatively new technologies and are
still undergoing progress. However, the benefits they offer users are manifold
not only in terms of economic solutions, but also in extra added security and
convenience for companies as well as their employees. Virtual desktops are
becoming increasingly popular in work areas.

There are two types of virtual desktops, server-based and
client-based, both offer great benefits, and which one suits your business
better depends on your business’s requirements. Desktop virtualization can greatly enhance the
productivity of your business by better facilitating your IT department as well
as your employees. If you already have partially or completely adapted server
virtualization, then incorporating virtual desktops will better equip your
business. Following are some of the many benefits virtual desktops offer and
reasons why you need to give them serious consideration:

Manage Computers

It can get quite difficult for IT administrators to manage
the desktops and laptops of employees. Upgrading applications or applying
patches to operating systems are laborious and time consuming tasks. IT
administrators can easily manage these computers with the help of virtual
machine (VM) images or VM templates.

Drivers and Applications

Employees are always in the need for new drivers and
applications, and it is quite difficult to install those drivers and
applications in different computers individually. With the help of VM you can
easily install the drivers in multiple computers simultaneously without taking
up much time. This is particularly useful when you need to install the same
application in numerous computers.

For instance you may need to install a particular driver for
the customer support team, or accounting department etc. Then the VM templates
can easily install the required applications through desktop virtualization. This will save you
a lot of time and manpower, two of the most essential elements of successful
business operations.


Virtual desktops work pretty much the same way as typical
desktops do, with the only difference being that the information is not saved
on the computers but rather on virtual desktops.  Hence, it is easier for the IT department to
lock down functions related to the business or place passwords on them.
Infringement or information theft is a constant threat faced by businesses and desktop virtualization
offers that added layer of security to better protect the information. So, if
one of your employees is off to business in Tysons, Virginia, then you will not need to look for
different ways to communicate or exchange information without fearing a breach.
Virtualization is currently one of the securest ways to store and access
information for businesses.

Time Efficiency

Most running businesses require constant upgrades, whether
it is new furnishings, policies or electronic equipment. Installing new
computers is by far one of the most time-consuming practices which can directly
affect the business’s productivity. With the help of virtual desktops you can
easily make the switch in no time. Because all your applications and drivers
will be installed virtually, all you will need to do is plug in the new
computers and you are good to go.

Virtual desktops can save you a lot of money and manpower in
the long run. They are low maintenance and offer high productivity by almost
all business standards.

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