The Benefits and the Drawbacks of BYOD

By: US Resources

– The Benefits and the Drawbacks

The BYOD or ‘bring your own device’ culture is rapidly growing around the world and
has been implemented by many companies. But before an organization incorporates
this trend into their system, it is important for them to consider the benefits
as well as drawbacks of it. By completely understanding both the angles, you
will be able to embrace the concept of BYOD with greater confidence and better

Benefits of BYOD

Below are some of the benefits that encourage companies to incorporate BYOD in their
organizational system.

Save Costs

The BYOD system allows a business to save an ample amount of money in costs that
would have been spent if the devices and the technology required would have
been provided by the company. It has been reported that a company saves $80 on
average every month on every employee.

Devices are usually high-cost items and asking employees to bring their own will not
only allow the company to use that money for other purposes; it will also encourage
responsible behavior from employees towards the devices as they own them and
will take better care of their own belongings.

Satisfaction and Higher Productivity

Another very important advantage that can be derived from the BYOD system is employee
satisfaction. This system enables employees to use their own smartphones,
laptops, tablets and other device. Employees will be happier and more
comfortable working with devices that they are accustomed to rather than
adjusting themselves to the devices provided by their company’s IT department.
They will be able to use a variety of different softwares that they have
knowledge of instead of the ones that the company would have installed for
them. All of this will lead to higher productivity and improved morale in


Besides the benefits, there are certain concerns which companies should be aware of
before implementing BYOD.

Security Concerns

Companies that implement this system may have some security concerns as a lot of
confidential company information is now on the employees’ devices which they
can access later. Moreover, the company may be paying for the employees’ phone
service which they can use even outside the company and hence, gets beyond the
control of the company.

Hardware and

This system enables employees to have full control over the hardware and software
they are using. Due to this, companies tend to lose control over directing
employees of using their devices in an acceptable way. As employees own the
devices, they may be free to use their device as they like.

Another disadvantage of BYOD is that any damage to the device will have to be taken
care of by the employee itself. Therefore, the repair and maintenance required
for the devices used by employees is an expense to them.

Companies should take into account all the pros and cons associated with BYOD and study
all the aspects of implementing it into their system before making a final