Benefits of Mobile Device Management For Employees and Employers

Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools are very commonly used
in organizations these days. However, employees and often employers as well are
not aware of the main purpose of the application and find such a policy
stringent and uncalled for.

At times they do not realize the benefits MDM tools offer to
both the company and the organization. In order to clear the air, given below
are some of the benefits the tool has to offer to both the employees and the

Why is MDM Good for the Organization?

The main reason any organization applies MDM policy is
mainly due to the benefits it offers to the organization. MDM is a new
technique, also introduced in Tysons, VA, but it has quickly been accepted by a great number
of organizations mainly due to the advantages it offers.

In simple words, MDM tools help companies stay secure and
cut costs. How? MDM tools allow companies to keep a tab on the employee’s
mobile devices so that the information passed through them is controlled. They
monitor the applications and data that are used on the device and keep a log of
it for future references as well.

These tools give companies the power to ban certain
activities, such as the use of certain applications. They can also perform
several tasks such as adding or removing applications remotely. Additionally,
if a device is hacked into or is stolen / lost, companies can easily eradicate
information from it via remote access before the device reaches unsafe hands.
In a nutshell, the tool provides tight security to an organization so that
confidential information is not leaked.

Why is MDM Good for the Employees?

MDM also offers several benefits to the employees. Firstly,
with this policy, companies are able to implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
policy as well that gives the employees the right to bring their own device to
the organization making things easier for them.

Additionally, it makes working easier for everyone,
especially the IT department that does not have to perform jobs manually as a
lot of important tasks can be performed via remote access. This allows the IT
department to concentrate on other tasks and improve its performance.

Secondly, MDM tools also come with tracking functionality
making it easier for organizations to track down lost or stolen devices. If
possible, devices may be retrieved or blocked, depending on the situation. This
puts less burden on employees’ shoulders as they do not have to worry about
companies facing any kind of loss due to their neglect.

These are some of the main benefits that MDM offers. With
time, improved versions of the tool are also hitting the market offering more
benefits. However, in order to be secure, one must not only count on the
software but should also be careful regarding the use of mobile devices.

The idea that everything is taken care of may cause much
damage as it is equally important to be on your toes and stay away from
activities that may bring security threats.

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