What Defines an Efficient MDM Solution?

Enterprises in Vienna, VA have been looking into Mobile Device Management solutions as employees
have started bringing their own devices to the workplace. Even if employees
don’t use their personal devices for work, they may still connect to the company
network in order to perform everyday tasks. This seemingly harmless activity however
gives them access to sensitive information which may harm the company if
leaked. This situation becomes even more critical when companies are under the BYOD
(Bring your own device) solution. This means that employees use their own
device for work and have data locally stored onto their devices. The increased capabilities
of these smart devices make them weapons and potential threats to the company’s
data. In order to regain control on the situation, companies have started
employing MDM solutions. Not every software however, is able to manage these problems

Cross-Platform Support

A good MDM solution should be able to support various platforms. If a companies rely on
employees to bring their own devices they can no longer control the company or
the kind of operating system used by them. An effective solution should be able
to recognize all platforms such as iOS, Androids and Blackberry. In fact,
enterprises should plan for platforms that are not currently being used by employees
on the off-chance that an employee may obtain a device in the future. Compatibility
issues will increase the risk of data theft.

Device Monitoring

Although not welcome by employees, this feature is important
for enterprises. An effective MDM should be able to control data even when the user is offline
and not connected to HQ. Memory, files, registry and backups should all be monitored
by the device manager. Some MDM solutions are even able to track the installation and use of applications on
the mobile device. This means that confidential files can be watched closely by
the enterprise.

Software & Document Distribution

This is a very convenient option for the IT department since
the distribution, installation and maintenance of software will be done
electronically. Rollbacks, criteria and newer versions will all be monitored by
the IT department without the need to manually install on every machine
separately. In fact, problems that users might be facing on their devices can
be managed remotely. Any faults can be diagnosed and then rectified by the MDM without the
involvement of the end user. Important documents and notices can even be sent
to all employees remotely.

Optimizing Bandwidth

Effective MDM solutions allow IT to optimize the manner in which bandwidth is used by employees in Vienna, Virginia to make sure
there are no hindrances in the workflow. Since data is constantly being
transferred back and forth it is imperative that the network can respond to the
needs of the company. Data compression on the go, immediate picking up of
dropped connections, differencing at file level and byte level and file
segmentation should be taken care of by the management solution. The bandwidth
should be able to expand and contract depending upon whether or not it’s in use
and should be able to dynamically respond to the needs of the traffic on the