Move and Access Freely through Desktop Virtualization

By: US Resources



Get to know the importance of virtual existence of and access to data and information. People who are concerned with fast moving information and communicate frequently must be equipped with the same desktop environment as their own. Accessing the same Virtual Desktop Interface from any device is critical for project completion, improved teamwork, and certainly for enhanced employee motivation.


Technology has changed this world and human lives to a great extent. Things that could not be imagined a couple of decades ago now exist all around. Most of the development and advancement took place in the field of communication. From the invention of oldest gigantic computers till today’s smart tablet PCs, there are numerous stories hidden behind the curtain. Consumers hardly ever come to know the actual phases of development. Instead they are directly introduced with the end product in the form of a masterpiece.

Virtual Data Presence

Just like many other marvelous inventions and developments, the advent of ‘Virtual Desktop Interface’ (VDI) too has increased productivity by large. The process of creating a Virtual Desktop Interface is known as ‘Desktop Virtualization’ or ‘Client Virtualization’. It is the technology through which a computer desktop environment is separated from the physical machine being used, i.e. the computer. The computer desktop environment is then stored in a virtual space, which is often a client-server.

It’s with You

A virtualized desktop is exceedingly beneficial as it does not limit access. No matter where you are, you can easily access your computer through a client-server. This technology stores your virtual desktop on a remote and centralized server. This server provides you access to your own desktop environment irrespective of the device you log in from. The virtual interface thus provided is exactly the same as in your own physical desktop computer. Therefore, users benefit from similar interaction.

Non-Stop Access and Operation

In such a fast and competitive environment where every single second matters a lot, communication needs to be equally fast, effective, and efficient. All types of organizations run on timely communication. A minute lost counts a lot. Therefore, uninterrupted access to data is extremely crucial for organizational success. The ability to access data and information virtually from any location enables you to perform uninterrupted job duties.

Increased Productivity

Another advantage of desktop virtualization is that several persons can log into the same interface and can work simultaneously without disturbing each other. It is useful when a number of employees are required to work on the same project. The remote and centralized server helps them do so. Moreover, what actions one performs are not visible to others who might be using the same desktop interface at the same time. They can easily share data among each other.

VDI Models

The Virtual Desktop Interface can be operated in the following four models:

  • Remote Synchronization Model
  • Centralized VDI Model
  • Client-Hosted Model
  • Hosted Model (Service)