The Essence of Mobile Device Management

By: US Resources


Mobile Device Management is a very crucial system for companies nowadays. New
innovations in technology are allowing companies to constantly improve their
productivity. However, there are many security concerns associated with the use
of technology as employees may misuse it for their own advantage.

Being a kind of security software, Mobile Device Management is mostly employed by IT
departments of companies to manage, monitor and secure the mobile devices that
are used by employees, whether they belong to the company or the employee
(BYOD). These devices are able to utilize the mobile operating systems as well
as the services of mobile service providers that are currently in use by the

The functionality of MDM includes configuration and data settings for all kinds of
mobile devices like tablet computers and smartphones, mobile POS and printer
devices, virtual distribution of various applications etc. The company strives
to reduce support costs as well as business risks by protecting and controlling
the data settings for every mobile device that is present in their network.

The main aim of an MDM is to gain optimum functionality and provide sufficient
security to all devices currently in the mobile communications network of the
company. Moreover, it helps to minimize expenses and downtime.

Nowadays, mobile monitoring has become a necessity and its importance is rapidly growing
as mobile devices are becoming omnipresent and various different applications are
being released in the market daily.

Mobile devices are now easily available everywhere and at every price which has
significantly increased its popularity. This has made it easier for people to
own them. Employees using various kinds of mobile appliances to access the data
of the company is quite alarming for corporations, who have resorted to MDM as
an appropriate solution to manage this problem.

Implementing MDM

Previously, connecting a mobile device to a network required a cable or a cord. However, as
technology advanced, the use of these became unnecessary and connection became
possible over-the-air as well. Furthermore, scalability was a big issue as
systems in the past were unable to deal with a growing amount of work.

MDMs are highly preferred by companies as they do not require any physical
connection with the mobile device and also pose no scalability issues.  They are capable of handling a large amount
of work at one time and can also accommodate next-generation hardware,
applications and operating systems very quickly. This makes them quite
efficient and enables them to be particularly useful at times when there is a
need to manage and control an entire fleet of mobile devices.