Getting Started with Mobile Device Management

By: US Resources

Mobile Device Management is becoming one of the most effective tools in
business with more and more businesses looking into the potential and promise
of increased utility and decreased costs due to MDM systems. Just like most
cloud based systems, MDM too offers flexibility, portability and accessibility
at relatively very low costs.

But many businesses just don’t know how to get started with
it, what vendor to trust, and how to get the specific needs and requirements
met in just one system.

Finding the Right Vendor

Undoubtedly the first task should be to find the right
vendor for your system in order to make sure that your business is in the hands
of a good Mobile Device Management System. There are a number of great quality systems available
out there that can easily meet the requirements and specifications of your

Choosing the Right Software

There are SaaS as well as on-premise setups available. Both
offer great benefits, where SaaS is most popular with businesses related to
warehouse management and sales, on-premise offers more secure and well
protected solutions. Both have their innumerable benefits and of course a few
limitations, hence you will need to outline your needs before you can decide on
one better suited for your business.


The cost varies based on the system and software that you use; hence it is difficult to provide an accurate figure. According to a report by the Osterman Research Survey, an MDM program costs around $300 in 2012, and according the experts, the ball park figure for 2013 is around $350. The cost also depends on whether the technology or the system will cater to devices provided by the company or BYOD.

Company Policies

There are a few policies that you will need to put in place
in order to make sure that the devices are properly used and that the data is
secure on these devices.


Make sure that you make it mandatory to use complex
passwords so that the risks of infringement are further decreased. One strategy
is to make sure that the passwords consist of numerical as well as alphabets.
Many companies only offer limited password attempts after which all the data is
permanently erased from the device.
Based on the type of information you will be sharing make sure that you
use the right policies and regulations to ensure security.

Remote Wiping Policy

You will need the employees to sign a consent form to
remotely access data on these devices and to have the authority to remove any
of the data or applications according to the company’s policies. Remote Wiping
Policy is a great way to protect the data in case the device is lost or stolen.
This can be quite tricky if the employees are using their own devices as
getting them to consent on erasing their data in case of theft may not be
received well.

Whether you are a small business in Tysons, Virginia or an enterprise operating in
multiple cities, Mobile Device Management is well equipped to cater to businesses of all sizes
and different operations.

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