Making the Transition to Microsoft Lync 2013

The announcement of Microsoft Lync as a Unified Communications
has led to many companies in Vienna, Virginia transferring to the service to make the most of
it. Some companies however are either skeptical or are unaware about how smooth
the transition is from the traditionally used legacy communications.

Run Lync as a Parallel Application

The first step would be to install Microsoft Lync parallel to the existing
communications software. Lync should be gradually introduced into the company
beginning with basic functions such as web sharing and chat should allow for a
better understanding of the software without completely overturning the current

Enable Lync Voice

At this point the company should make the transition to Lync
Voice. Some companies may opt to run the landline and Lync Voice
simultaneously. In fact they may use Lync for internal communications while landlines
are exclusively for external communication. This method is used to ensure that
employees get familiar with the new software. Once familiarized, Microsoft Lync 2013
should be made the primary platform for all voice communications.

Lync Mobile

Lync mobile services should be provided to employees who
work off-site or travel frequently. This ensures constant communication. Lync
Mobile becomes more important if the corporation has a BYOD (Bring your Own
Device) policy. Installing Lync would allow better collaboration over devices.

Lync Video

Microsoft Lync 2013 is a powerful platform for video communications. Video
conversations allow for better retention of information and increase efficiency
in meetings. Video conversations also reduce travel costs of a business allowing
companies to make deals over networks over long distances. The HD quality video
allows for a great user experience which cannot be obtained from freeware or other
video communications software.

Integrate Lync into Business applications

This is one of the biggest and most important steps that need
to be taken when integrating Lync into the office Unified Communications set
up. It is important for companies to integrate certain components of Lync such
as click to call and addition to business applications. Lync has compatibility
with the Microsoft Office 365 software and allows users to work with them
together. This feature facilitates file sharing and giving presentations. The
integration of Office 365 and Microsoft Lync allows companies to save time lost due to human
latency and error.

Making a transition from any system to another can be a
complicated process for any company especially when their employees are used to
previous systems. When it comes to unified communications, the problem becomes
more severe since it not only affects the internal but also the external
communication of the company. Businesses in Vienna, VA rely heavily on communication and want to
make it as effortless as possible. In this regards, Microsoft Lync is the best option.

Initial problems that may arise at the time of transition
include security issues, compatibility issues, integration of the application
and interoperability. Employees may also take time in understanding the software.

Regardless of the problems that may arise at the time of
integration, it is important for companies to have Unified communications
. Lync 2013 is one of the best systems in the market. In fact, the
transition process should go smoothly if supported by one of Microsoft Lync’s partners
who can assist throughout the process.