MDM & Cloud Computing

Employees have always brought personal devices to the
workplace for a long time. In fact, most preferred to perform tasks on their
own devices, rather than on company issued computers. This led to the introduction
of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy which has rapidly spread across
various industries. This is why most companies in Vienna, Virginia are gradually shifting to cloud
based MDM solutions. Most devices owned by employees usually contain the software
require to perform basic office tasks. The problem lay with the homogeneity of
the devices and the related software being used. Since companies have no
control over the brand purchased by employees they have opted to implement MDM (Mobile Device Management

It allows employees to connect to office networks and gain
access to files and software which will allow them to perform daily office
tasks. The connectivity provided however is usually in house. Recently however
there is a shift from on-premise device management solutions to cloud due to emerging
technologies. Since MDM itself is a relatively new concept there is disparity in opinion between
company owners regarding the implementation of a cloud based system.

While most prefer a cloud based solution, others are not
willing to let go of a very recent transition made from traditional networks to
MDM. Some however have opted for a hybrid solution where data processing is done on servers

A purely cloud based solution however is more beneficial to the
requirements of companies especially if they’re on a small scale.

Setup Time

The setup time for a cloud based system is very little. This
is because the data is ultimately on a cloud and the creation of a system which
gives access to multiple devices can be easily done. In house management
systems would face set up difficulties which will be time consuming as well.
The set up time end complications for cloud systems are also decreased since
most of it is handled by the service provider.

Set Up Cost

Budget constraints are common problems faced by small
companies. The BYOD automatically removes the strain of providing devices to
employees whereas cloud systems enable mobile device management without the need of
spending money on technical equipment such as server machines, cables, power outlets
and switches.


Regular maintenance of the server will be unnecessary.
If the software has the latest updates and is working properly, chances are the
server is providing optimal performance as well.

Operating Costs

One of the most appealing features of MDM is the low initial
cost of set up. What is overlooked however is that the running or operating
costs of the cloud systems are reasonable as well. Payment is done simply on
usage basis and according to the number of devices connected to the cloud

Easy Access

The cloud may be accessed from any locations which means
that workers in Vienna, Virginia will be able to work from home or other locations.


The lack of physical equipment owned by the company means
that the system can be unplugged or discontinued at any time without loss.
Since it runs on a cloud based MDM system, the data can be remotely removed and the service
terminated. A traditional system would require the company to take care of
every physical element and dispose them off.