The Importance Mobile Device Management for Enterprises

People in Vienna, VA have become tethered to their mobile devices such as smartphones and
tablets and rarely travel without them. This has brought an influx of devices
into company using the Wi-Fi provided by them. This access to the network of
the company by potentially dangerous devices has become a recent security risk.

When smartphones were on the rise, no one speculated the
capabilities that smartphones would be able to acquire. Even though users limit
their use to checking email or other applications, this provides endless
possibilities for hackers to tap into the system and steal sensitive
information.  Initially, enterprises did not perceive these devices as a threat. In fact, some even encouraged their
employees to use them in a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ initiative. This was mainly
because they enjoyed the reduction in expenses when it came to providing their
employees with equipment. They also found that they could also avoid recurring
expenses such as monthly bills which fell directly into the employee’s basket.

This behavior led to the rise of Mobile Device Management (MDM) software
which would allow enterprises to take back control of the data that was being
sent and received over the network.

The freedom of BOYD and the Security of MDM

Company owned and employee owned devices can be monitored
using the same software under the same umbrella. This means that IT will be
able to gain access to data on the mobile device, restrict usage of websites
and applications and even erase data in case of an emergency. All of this
management and control of data is done wirelessly.

Reduces Burden on IT Department

Since MDM takes over and automates various tasks, the IT department faces lesser problems
and focus on the more important aspects. Tedious tasks such as software updates
can be overtaken by the software. The reduced cost is also an added bonus since
most software come cheap. There is also an abundance of freeware on the market
which will enable the technology throughout the enterprise.

Increased Security

Perhaps the most obvious reason, MDM services can drastically reduce the
security risk faced by companies. In case an employee loses their personal
device, the company will have the ability to wipe any data off the device to
prevent any data theft. Enforcement of policies will also have much more cohesion
as companies will be able to password protect devices. Data is very important
and sensitive to the well being of any company in Vienna, VA. MDM is the best solution for its protection since
it has the ability to work across various cellular platforms such as Android, Blackberry,
Apple iOS, etc.

These systems however are not perfect and require development
over the years for them to work efficiently. The surge in use of personal
devices on the workplace network however calls for an immediate response by the
enterprise to maintain their security.