Tips For Creating an Enterprise MDM Policy

You cannot run a company successfully without strategic
planning. There needs to be a clear pattern to everything from handling clients
to managing software. In recent times, Mobile Device Management, also called
MDM, has become a major part of most organizations mainly due to the surge seen
in the use of mobile devices.

In order to implement MDM successfully within Tysons, VA and other
cities of the United States, there needs to be proper planning in place. Managers
and those involved in the decision should have a solid strategy, tips regarding
which are given below for your help.

Clearly indicate the devices that the workers
can use. If your company has Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy then it should
clearly specify the devices that the employees are allowed to bring. The policy
should also clearly point out the devices that are not allowed so that there is
no confusion regarding this.

If the devices are company issued, the company
should make sure that the usage and limitations are clearly communicated to the
users. Not doing so can cause confusion that may result in poor results.

In order to secure the network, companies should
make sure that confidential information, such as login information and
passwords, does not reach unsafe hands. Only the employees that need to have
the information should be delivered that making sure that the risk of it
reaching unsafe hands is minimized.

In addition to not making login information
public, companies should keep changing the passwords so that the risk is
further minimized. The main reason for doing so is due to the turnover rate.
The employees leaving the company may have some confidential information that
they may make public or give to your competitor. To stop such a thing from
happening companies should implement a policy that involves changing passwords
regularly. Additionally, the changed passwords should only be communicated to
those that need it. Plus, their devices should also be disconnected (if they
own it) or collected back.

Keep an eye on the legal issues that often
change from state to state. Your MDM plan terms should meet the law
requirements so that the company does not get into any legal trouble.

A policy should be created and clearly
communicated to the employees. Companies should use a safe method of
communicating such points. Plus, the policy should be very clearly made in
words that are easy to understand so that there is no sort of ambiguity.

One of the biggest problems is the use of
applications on mobile devices. Thanks to new technology there are several
types of applications that often send information to the servers via the
internet, which may cause harm to the company. In order to control this problem,
companies should decide the applications that can be run and the applications
that are barred. A list should be made and be clearly communicated to the

If your MDM policy receives backlash from the
employees, make sure you train them and tell them that it is for their benefit.
Quite often employees consider such policies stringent and may show their
displeasure. The right thing to do is to educate the employees regarding the
policy and convince them.

Lastly, remember that the policy will need to
be updated with changing times. It is important to revise it regularly,
especially when the scenario changes.

The most important thing here is to make sure that the
policy is understandable and accessible to all the employees that are affected
by it.

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