All Questions about Mobile Device Management Answered Here

If you have heard about Mobile Device Management and wonder
what it is all about then you have landed on the right page. Given below are
the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to Mobile
Device Management.

What is Mobile Device Management?

In simple words, Mobile Device Management, also called MDM, can be defined as the ability to manage,
secure, support and monitor mobile devices such as tablets, phones and laptops.
MDM strategies include the ability to remotely access data on the device and
have information secured via passwords. The use of this technique is getting
very common with the increasing use of mobile devices.

How Does it Work?

MDM starts with the installation of MDM
tools onto a mobile device. This can be done in various ways including the
users downloading the tool onto the device via the internet or by installing it
manually into the memory card.

Once installed and implemented, the tool starts monitoring
the device to give a report on the device’s current state. Once a report is
created the administrator can make changes to the devices keeping in mind the
MDM policy in effect and the requirements.

Once this has been done, the organization gets in control of
the device with the ability to add or remove features via remote access and
other such abilities.

What Is The Cost Involved?

There is no concrete answer to this question because there are several companies offering MDM
solutions. Almost every company has a different package, hence the cost
changes. However, as per a report by Osterman Research Survey the average cost
of a good MDM program was $294 in 2012. Experts expect the cost to lie between
$300-$350 in 2013.

This surge is largely contributed to the fact that new
technology is now in place and the use of mobile devices has also greatly
increased mainly due to a large number of organizations implementing the BYOD

What are The Benefits of MDM?

The main benefit of MDM is having a secure mobile network.
However, this is not it as MDM also offers several other benefits to both the
organization and the employees.

This tool greatly allows organizations to cut costs and by
allowing employees to use their own device. Additionally, a lot of time is also
saved as the IT department can perform numerous tasks remotely without having
to work around.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Not Using MDM Platform?

Cybercrimes are very high with hackers using new technology to hack into
computers and get their hands on confidential data. This can be very dangerous
for a company especially if any confidential information reaches unsafe hands.
It may not only cause financial loss to an organization but also result in a poor

Additionally, it is very common for people in Tysons, VA to lose their phones that may reach unsafe
hands. In order to make sure that there is no loss, a good MDM platform is

We hope that you now have answers to all your queries. Make sure to use a comprehensive MDM tool
that serves the purpose well.

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