MDM Solutions – A Step Closer to Network Security

By: US Resources



Mobile Device Management solutions are gaining popularity as a tool for network security. Government and business organizations deal with sensitive data, which is highly vulnerable to misuse. Even a single loophole can be severely problematic. Therefore, smart apps and tools are necessary to safeguard mobile devices and servers through remote operation.


The ongoing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) practice by employees poses several threats to the organizations they work in. Employees buy their personal communication devices like smart phones, laptops, tablets, notebooks, PDAs, etc., download software and applications of their choice, and then use these devices regularly in the workplace by connecting to the organizational network. Thus, the connectivity of these apps-loaded personal devices over the company network is not secure for the system.

Consumerization of IT

The idea known as ‘Consumerization of IT’, is where employees first buy a consumer electronic device for personal use, and then introduce it at the workplace in order to be free from the hassle of managing and maintaining two separate devices for personal and professional use each. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is meant to safeguard the organizations’ network and all the virtual data from any potential misuse. For this purpose, the IT department uses MDM software and several accompanying tools and services.

Security Solutions

Mobile Device Management consists of all those tools, services, and practices that an organization’s IT department deploys for system security. Policies are laid down that restrict employees from all those websites and applications that can be potentially dangerous for corporate network and data clouds. Obviously because the company’s data is private and confidential, even a single loop-hole needs to be avoided. However, despite all such systems and policies, employees do violate workplace use of their communication devices.

MDM solutions enable the IT department to screen, administer, and secure the portable devices used by employees at the workplace. These devices are used and subscribed across multiple service providers and operating systems. Therefore, data and network security become vulnerable. Regular monitoring and auditing helps in avoiding security issues; nevertheless, complete eradication of BYOD related system threats is not achieved so far.

Possible Escape

The BYOD workforce has been observed showing higher levels of productivity as compared to their past performance, whereas reduction in company costs is also evident. Despite these benefits, the ongoing concern of data clouding and its misuse cannot be avoided. MDM solutions can work out only if the device itself is encrypted too. However, there are times when complete security is not guaranteed.

It is unfortunate to say that the IT industry and the concerned organizations first give birth to security challenges, and then worked for many years in search of the solutions to the very challenges. For sure, everything has pros and cons, but when it comes to virtual data that is essentially of sensitive nature, a company just cannot afford to be inattentive towards the problem.

Smart Apps

There are security applications available that can segment personal and corporate applications used in the device. Moreover, apps that can protect lost or stolen devices are also extremely beneficial. These pre-installed applications in the device are capable of remote operations; for example they help deleting stored data and can even lock or locate the device in case it is stolen or misplaced.