MDM Suites You Should Know About

As more and more employees have started working from their
own devices at the office under the BYOD (bring Your Own Device) initiative,
employers have started to look for effective mobile device management (MDM) solutions. This is
because employees now have access to highly sensitive information using their
personal devices which usually travel with them wherever they go and are
susceptible to theft or loss. This vulnerability makes it important for
employers to invest in an effective yet feasible MDM solution which can help them manage, monitor
and control the data being transferred over the devices.

Although various popular programs such as Enterprise iOS and
the Blackberry Enterprise Service have been around, compatibility issues and tariff
rates make it difficult for many organizations to implement them. It’s also
good to explore all options before jumping into a major technological change
especially if it’s a small company with limited funds.

US Resources

Originating from Vienna, Virginia, US Resources is one of the most reliable MDM solutions companies.
It provides extensive support for mobile devices across various platforms such
as iOS, Androids and Blackberry. With the ability to care for large scale
deployments as well as smaller scale implementations, it provides cost
effective solutions that would help you meet your MDM requirements. Another
factor going in its way is that it has been around for 23 years and has the
expertise to tackle any problems that may arise during and after the
implementation stage.

Dialogs Smartman Device Management

With a not so conventional name, Smartman DM is a
surprisingly good platform to work on. Although by a relatively small company,
it provides feature that might be found in a full blown MDM solution. What sets Smartman apart is
that not only does it provide quality service but all great customer support.


Known as the Tivoli product IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile
Devices, this MDM is developed by the corporate giant IBM. This alone should be a convincing
enough argument regarding its efficiency. The Tivoli system treats each mobile
device as an ‘endpoint’ and controls every aspect of its usage. This might be a
little unsettling for users but is a great solution for employers. The support
and features of the system however make it a popular MDM solution.


Symantec is one of the oldest and the leading company in device security. With a number of
products under its belt, it allows companies to choose from whichever one suits
their needs best. Other than that each product has a giant list of compatible platforms.
Not only does it support mobile OSs such as Android, iOS and Blackberry; it
also extends towards Desktop Oss which is rare. It offers MDM with compliance and
blacklisting, remote distribution of apps, app protection, corporate email,
management of local and third part apps and protection from malware on mobile
devices running Android and Windows Mobile.

In order to choose the MDM suite which will be best suited for you, you
should make sure to go to the official website of each company and go through
its list of features to determine which ones you need and which ones you can do
without. It is also important o see which platforms it supports and the degree
of control it allows.