Microsoft Lync 2013

What you can gain from the new unified communications platform

Microsoft Lync 2013 is Microsoft newest communications product for businesses in
order to facilitate internal and external communication. Lync is not exactly a
new product but rather a product that rose from the ashes of the previous
communications platform run by Microsoft; The Office Communications Server.

After the make-over, Lync has the capability to transfer
real-time information over a server such as instant messaging, video
conferencing, and voice communication. Since it comes bundled with the Office
365 business subscription, it integrates itself with Exchange Email and
Microsoft Office Applications.

HD Video Conferencing

One of the features that’ll project a professional look to
your clients is that of HD video conferencing. Microsoft Lync provides 1080p resolution support
making sure that the display is clear and sharp. Since the codecs used are
standard such as the H.264 SVC, there are minimal compatibility issues.

Mobile Apps

This feature really ups the game of business communication.
Smartphone communications apps have been on the market for years, but the
integration of Lync across various platforms and devices makes communication
efficient and accessible. Users can join meetings, calls and send instant
messages from anywhere in the world. A user in Vienna, Virginia can contact his associate in
Beijing, China. Although Lync works best on its own platform i.e. The Windows Phone, it provides
compatibility for other companies as well. Currently the Microsoft Lync app is
also available on the Android Play Store and the Apple store.

Web App

Instead of downloading bulky software, Microsoft Lync 2013 also
provides the convenience of a Web application. This means that users can simply
log on and connect to Lync through a web browser. The browser provides full
features including VoIP, desktop sharing and HD video.


Lync 2013 doesn’t assume that users on either end in a
conference call would have Microsoft
Lync installed. To avoid any compatibility problems in cross-platform
conference calls, Microsoft provides compatibility with Skype. Skype is one of
the largest communications software and is free. Providing compatibility with Skype
was not difficult, since Skype is owned by Microsoft. This means that since
they follow most of the same guidelines, it’s possible to provide seamless
communications between the software.

Office 365

This is one of the most important features of Microsoft Lync. This
feature sets Lync apart from all the other video conferencing software and Apps
in the market. Microsoft Office is an integral part of business. Lync 2013
would simply integrate with the preexisting software of the company and allow
them to share and exchange data and files.


Although more of a design rather than a technical feature, Microsoft Lync upgraded
the look and feel of the software making it cleaner and more intuitive. An
interface is an integral part of any software since it’s the only part that the
end user directly interacts with. Cluttered interfaces ruin the user experience
while clean and easy to use interfaces make sure that the user experience runs
smoothly. If a user spends more time looking for where the options are rather
than actually using the software, it essentially fails. This is why the new
design of the Microsoft Lync is a much bigger deal than it may seem.