Microsoft Lync versus Skype

Many users in Vienna, VA wonder about the benefits of Lync over Skype when it
comes to a business communications problem. This opinion usually stems from the
cost associated with Lync while Skype is free downloadable software that offers
file sharing and instant messaging capabilities.

Most small businesses don’t consider Microsoft Lync as a viable option because
they aren’t aware of its capabilities whereas Skype is a familiar program that
they may have personally used.

Conference Calling

Lync provides a more versatile and flexible environment when
it comes to conference calling. It allows you to switch between conference tabs
by pausing any secondary conversations and switching to the desired one.

Although Skype also offers conference calling, its functionality is nowhere
near to Microsoft Lync.
It lags and is unable to handle the data that is being transmitted over the
network. Another problem is that conference calling is a premium feature which
requires you to pay for usage. In this case, Microsoft Lync becomes an obvious choice. Additional
tools that can be used during a conversation include the screen sharing option,
presentation and the whiteboard. The screen-sharing in Skype only allows the
user at the other end to view the content being projected whereas in Lync 2013,
the user can be granted access to specific files or programs and have the
ability to manipulate it. Presentations can be loaded into the conversation and
run in real time which allows you to make a formal presentation from anywhere
or to overseas clients. The whiteboard is a handy little feature which allows
you to take notes along with the conversation.

Conversation History

Important conversations made on the messenger may contain information
that you may need to refer to in the future. Skype allows its users to have
access to only to messages that date as far back as 3 months. The data also has
to be searched for manually by scrolling which is an ineffective tedious and
time consuming task. Microsoft Lync however automatically saves conversations to Microsoft Outlook
which is synced with Office 365. It also allows you to search within the
conversation in order to save time.

Recording Calls

Microsoft Lync 2013 allows you to save an entire conversation by recording
it.  The video conversation will be saved
in the Microsoft Lync Recording Manager. All conversation records can be accessed from this location.
In order to save space and bandwidth, the conversations can be saved in the
form of an audio file.


Technical support is a very important aspect for companies
in Vienna, VA especially when you have important business information being transferred
across networks to important clients. Since Skype is freeware and not optimized
for businesses it doesn’t focus on support. Contacting Skype’s support is a
very difficult process and is usually handled by an automated message which
means that complaints are simply logged until prioritized. Microsoft Lync usually
partners with companies that forward the service to businesses. These companies
take a personal interest in the service being provided and know the history and
the technical details of the service inside and out.