Do You Need Mobile Device Management?

Many businesses in Vienna, Virginia have been contemplating on making the transition
to introducing BYOD (Bring your own device) in their company. The problems
which hinder this decision include the feasibility of the transition along with
finding a perfect balance between remote working on devices and working in
house. The unified control over distribution and security of data and software
coupled with the decrease in equipment expenses makes it a very appealing deal
for companies. Employees favor the option as well since they aren’t at constant
war with the IT department anymore and have the chance to work remotely from
the comfort of their home or during vacation.

In order to determine whether your company is ready for the implementation of MDM
you must consider whether you can afford the cost of it. In this case you’re in
luck. Not only can you find basic MDM solutions online as freeware, you can find cheap
alternatives as well. Even if you are willing to spend a few bucks on an MDM solution, freeware is
a good way of going through a trial run before making the plunge.

Understand the threats associated with the implementation of an MDM solution.
Evaluate how sensitive your data is and whether you can afford to implement a
cheap solution for critical data. Cloud computing brings far more threats and
will need tougher security measures which will cost the business money.
Establish protocols regarding the use of devices by employees. Tell them about
the acceptable use, forbidden sites and apps.

Evaluate the burden on your IT Department. MDM solutions are meant
to make distribution and troubleshooting easier. Data and software can be
distributed uniformly to all employees without the hassle of going to each
device individually. The implementation of an MDM solution will make sense if the IT department
currently has more than they can handle. Another step is to understand whether
your IT department is qualified to handle the new MDM software and run it effectively. Will they be
able to use the software to accommodate multiple devices from different brands
and handle security issues?

If you decide to purchase an MDM solution in Vienna, Virginia, make sure to check for all the
recommended features such as the presence of cloud-based technology, remote
monitoring and configuration, blacklists, passwords and policy enforcement. An effective MDM
solution should also consist of backup and restore feature and the ability to
disconnect and disable lost or stolen devices.

If the company has a BYOD policy, then the MDM should also cater to
a large number of devices. Importance must not only be given to those devices
which employees are already in possession of but also those that they or new
employees may acquire in the future.