Why you should opt for Hosted Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync is a complete unified communications solution for businesses in Vienna, Virginia. It provides
users with one infrastructure which integrates channels to facilitate seamless
communication. These include VoIP, File transfer, Web conferences, email and
voicemail. It enables users to communicate internally and externally. It also
allows users to hold conversations with multiple parties at the same time.

A hosted Microsoft solution however is different from that
on a server. This means that there are no costs of installation for equipment. In
fact future maintenance costs are reduced as well. One major cost reduction
factor is that of corporate travel Since Microsoft Lync enable conversations to take place
all over the world in HD quality no less, the need for corporate travel is
greatly reduced.

Another factor is that there is no longer a need to have
multiple platforms of communication. Even if the business was completely up to
date with today’s technology but did not have a UC system, it would mean that
they were using multiple software for internal communication, instant
messaging, video conferencing and file sharing. This meant that data would be
scattered all over the place and highly susceptible to risk. Microsoft Lync eliminates
all those problems by bringing all you data under one roof, allowing IT
departments to efficiently monitor, identify and eliminate any threats to the

Another benefit is that of presence. The presence feature is
perhaps the best in Microsoft Lync. Not only does it allow you to set your presence at will across
multiple devices but is smart enough to understand which device is the most
active and divert messages there. Integration with the schedule and calendar in
Outlook also allows Lync to automatically set presence status if a meeting has
been recorded.

Perhaps the best reason for use of Hosted Lync is that it
can be accessed from anywhere. It allows employees to work from home or when
they are on vacation. Many businesses now have BYOD (bring your own device)
policies which allow employees to use personal devices for corporate tasks. This
means that they will be more comfortable with using Microsoft Lync on devices that they are
familiar with.

IT departments of businesses in Vienna, Virginia now have the luxury of
remotely monitoring and maintaining device usage. Problems can be
troubleshooted and updates made straight from the server. In fact, if an update
is required throughout the company, the IT department can do it remotely in
bulk rather than individually updating each device.

Since data is essentially online, there are no problems with
backup and recovery which are done by the Microsoft Lync Server on their own. In fact, there
isn’t even a problem of maintaining hardware.

One concern for users is the monthly payments for Lync. Not
only does it eliminate installation costs it actually reduces the cost of other
factors as well. Considering that you no longer have to pay for individual
software and other services such as telephony and fax, Microsoft Lync actually leads to a decrease
in the costs of the business.