How to Get Started With Server Virtualization

By: US Resources

More and more businesses are now incorporating server virtualization
into their businesses. However, the question still lurks if it is the right
choice for your business and if yes then how do you get started with it? IT
managers and C-level executives are embracing virtualization either partially
or totally. Following are five easy steps to get your business virtualized:


Before implementing, you need to assess whether server virtualization is
the right option for you, and if yes then what you are looking for in it.
Following are a few questions that will help you make the optimal decision for
your business:

  • Do you have common applications running on
    different servers?
  • Will you need to purchase more servers with
  • Do you have enough servers for consolidation?
  • Does your need for applications increases?

Answering these questions will help you explain to your
service provider what you are looking for and how it can help your business and
business practices.

Licensing and Support Implications

You need to investigate if server virtualization will have an impact on your
application support and licenses. There are a number of applications that
either do not allow virtual servers or don’t work well with them. Do those
applications have compatible alternatives? Because virtual servers will be
quite useless if you cannot use the applications that are important or needed
for your business operations, many businesses incorporate virtual servers
partially. So, if you need more servers, you can opt for virtual rather than
getting physical ones. So look around and see what the best way is to
incorporate virtual servers into your business before making the decision.


Planning is important for any new business venture, and
switching to virtual servers should be no different. Experts in Tysons, Virginia as elsewhere
in the world claim that planning virtualization makes up 90 percent of the
procedure while migration is a relatively simple process. All the system
information that needs to be migrated should be backed up and collated at least
six months before you start the migration procedure. So, do plan the costs,
timing and system migration processes beforehand.


As advanced as technology is getting, there are a few
glitches here and there. Take the iPhones or the new Google Glass; it is only
through process and research that any technology is perfected. Server virtualization
also witnesses some setbacks from time to time.
The virtual servers can experience unplanned downtime which can be quite
detrimental for your business. A good way to minimize this glitch is to make
sure that you use the right service providers who have the experience and
clientele to serve your business too.

Switching to a virtual server is a relatively easy process.
However, you will need to assist your employees and management to get accustomed
to virtual servers and perhaps to new applications. Virtual servers are
undoubtedly one of the most facilitating services in workplace today as far as
technology goes, and it is about time that you incorporated it in your business

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