Useful Tips for Mobile Device Management

By: US Resources


Markets these days are flooded with mobile devices that are available at affordable
prices making them an easy buy for many people. This has created quite an
alarming situation for companies as employees are now using various different
kinds of mobile devices to use and access corporate data. Companies, being
highly concerned about the security of their confidential data are now
resorting to Mobile Device Management as a viable solution to monitor and
control such devices in their network. Below are some useful tips to secure
your company’s confidential data efficiently.

Encrypt Data

There are many good encryption softwares available which can be used to encrypt
company data. Train your employees to encrypt all company information to reduce
the risk of data theft.

Set a password and turn on Auto-lock

Most mobile devices have the password protection and auto-lock features. Enabling
this on all of your mobile devices will secure your data and keep it out of
reach of unauthorized personnel.


Create a detailed inventory of all the mobile devices that are being used in your
network by employees. This is a very critical step in Mobile Device Management.
Knowing which mobile devices are used in your system will reduce security risk
and inappropriate use of company data being used by unknown devices that are
not listed in the inventory.

Use Good Antivirus Software

Mobile devices are severely prone to hacking and virus threats. It is better to have
an effective antivirus installed in all mobile devices that should be regularly
updated to secure all the company data.

Saving Important Documents

Train your employees to be habitual data savers. This will help avoid any loss of
information. Moreover, make regular backups of your data for added protection.
You can also reduce the security risk by saving as less documents as you can on
your mobile devices. Businesses nowadays prefer to save most of their corporate
data in cloud systems so as to minimize the risk of data theft.

Offer Proper Training to Employees

This is very critical to Mobile Device Management. Devices these days are highly
sophisticated and users need to be constantly trained to make use of the
various functions available to improve productivity.

Furthermore, users should also be given a proper guideline that tells them the appropriate
usage of their mobile devices. Employees should be discouraged to download
everything off the internet before checking its authenticity as there are many
infected softwares available that may damage mobile devices and result in loss
of corporate data.

These tips will certainly help corporations reduce data risk and minimize their
security concerns.