Some Common Types of Virtualization

Virtualization is one of the few concepts that have taken
the world by storm. There are numerous advantages of this concept that people
are looking up to. Virtualization is commonly used almost everywhere in the US
including Tyson, Virginia and other cities of the United States.

There are several types of virtualization, some of which are
explained below in detail.


Hardware virtualization, also known as platform
virtualization, prefers the use of a virtual machine in contrast with a
physical machine. These virtual machines have operating systems and
applications installed just like the physical machines, yet the software
executed are separated from the hardware.

Hardware virtualization can also be divided into several
different kinds known as:

Full Virtualization

Partial Virtualization



Desktop virtualization is very commonly used in Tysons, VA. It separates the logical desktop from
the physical machine it is on allowing users access to it through the cloud.
This is considered an advanced form of hardware virtualization providing good
control to clients.

Desktop virtualization can be divided into several types as well with Virtual
Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) being the most advanced form. In this form of desktop virtualization
the desktop is hosted on a virtual server that a user can access from anywhere
with the use of the internet and perform tasks that can be usually performed
with the help of a computer that originally had the desktop.


Hosting software on the cloud is known as software
virtualization. It can be divided into several types including:

System Level Virtualization

This technique hosts a number of
virtualized environments on a single operating system instance.

Virtualization and Application Virtualization

This type of virtualization is similar to
portable application. It allows hosting individual applications separated from
the underlying operating system.


This type of software virtualization revolves
around virtualization of specific components depending behavior needed to
execute tasks.


Memory virtualization is related to the limited computer’s
memory due to which many applications either run slow or are not supported.
This type of virtualization mainly aggregates RAM into a single memory pool.By
using this technology, users can run heavy programs by giving them the
impression that memory is available thus isolating the application from the
limited physical memory.


Storage virtualization completely abstracts logical storage
from limited physical storage. This gives users the power to store big files
without worrying about the storage limitations that are on physical servers.

This service can be hardware independent and may also run on
specific hardware platforms. They offer flexible storage pools that give users
leverage as it removes storage related boundaries.


Data virtualization is of great use. By using this type of
virtualization technique one can present data as an abstract layer without
worrying about database systems, storage limitations and structures. The
purpose of this type of virtualization, like others, is to allow users ease in
data management.


Network virtualization is very commonly used these days. It
creates a virtualized network that can be accessed within or across a network

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