Why Businesses should have Unified Communications

Communication has become a tangled web of software and
technologies made specifically for that purpose. Out of the haystack that is
business communication, companies in Vienna, Virginia need to find the needle that’ll make
communication effortless and easy for them.

Email, fax, video conferencing and instant messaging have
been around for quite a while and have done a good enough job over the years to
be considered successful communications tools in business. The conflict arises
when we come to stand alone technology such as the telephone or the fax
machine. A unified communications solution aims to resolve that problem by
bringing all these platforms together to form one software with a single
underlying technology which is the internet. It provides an interface that can
be used to manage access and archive all the files and information transmitted.
It also increases efficiency since it enables users to access every platform
from a singular location. The most popular UC software at the moment is Microsoft Lync which
allows you to integrate MsOutlook and Office 365 with your Lync in order to
integrate email with video conferencing, file sharing, calling and instant messaging.

Diminished costs in the long run

When considering a transition to UC software, the first question
that businesses in Vienna, VA ask is about the cost. This is because of the payment required at the time of
installation. Businesses need to pay for equipment, servers and other details
in bulk. This however is a onetime payment in exchange of telephone, fax, video
conferencing and internet messaging bills. In fact, if you choose to opt for
cloud software such as Microsoft Lync Online, you can skip the cost of equipment installation and pay a
monthly fee.

The IT department can optimize its time

With UC software like Microsoft Lync, IT departments can manage the
communication systems better. It allows them to use a single interface rather
than monitor and maintain multiple systems. Troubleshooting also becomes more
effective since there is no longer a need to locate troubles on different
platforms. Since they all have one underlying connection, diagnosis becomes
more efficient.

Users can optimize their software usage

Although, minimal training is required for most UC systems,
many are easy to use and allow users to shift between communications platforms.
Most software such as Microsoft Lync has clean and easy to user interfaces which users quickly
familiarize themselves with. If a user wishes to fax an email, there is no long
procedure of printing the email and manually faxing it. The user can simply
send the email to a fax server. Voicemail can also be heard on any computer
rather than on an esoteric phone.

Backup & Security

Data is much more secure on a UC network. Real time storage
of information on servers and automatic backup of meals on outlook allows users
to refer back to important details of any conversation. Microsoft Lync allows searching within the
archives to enable easy access to previous information. Data security is easier
since it has to be implemented across one platform rather than multiple points
of communication. Lync also provides data security from online threats such as
viruses, data theft and other scams.