Microsoft Exchange 2013 New Exciting Features

By: US Resources


The constantly changing technology infrastructure requires all programs to change
with time to keep pace with new upgrades and systems. The recently launched Microsoft
Exchange 2013
has brought with it a wide variety of new features and services
that will allow you to switch to cloud technology very conveniently. It has
upgraded and improved many of its features to cater to the changing needs of
businesses and individuals. A few key changes made by Microsoft Exchange 2013
are mentioned below.

Enhanced Architecture

Previously, the older versions of exchange were split into five separate roles to avoid
performance issues and operate with ease. If they would have been run as one
application, CPU performance would be highly affected.

Microsoft has worked on these issues and created the new Exchange taking all these key
points into account. Now the new Microsoft Exchange 2013 consists of only two
roles; the Mailbox server role and the Client Access server role. These have
boosted performance significantly and work very efficiently.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Similar to Mail Tips, DLPs will warn you at times when you are violating any policies
that were supposed to prevent any disclosure of confidential or sensitive data.
These warnings may pop up on your screen when you enter your Social Security
number or your credit card number in your mail. These DLPs are based on policy
regulation standards such as PCI.

Built-In Antimalware

Even though the older versions of Exchange such as Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010
had the ability to prevent spam by turning on the spam feature, Microsoft
Exchange 2013 goes much further to protect your data. The new Exchange has
antimalware capabilities built into the program which can block any attempts of
phishing, keeping your data secure and protected.

Smart Search

Today, the most important element is social integration, whether it is at home or at
the workplace. Microsoft Exchange 2013 will now help you find people using the
Smart Search option which prioritizes the search results of your contacts.
Moreover, it can even merge contacts from various sources to create a single
entry in your contact list by linking the contact information that it receives
from several different locations.

The Fresh look

The new look given to Microsoft Exchange 2013 offers an engaging experience to all
its users. With a more restructured and modernized user interface, you will
enjoy using your new application even in your mobile device with complete ease
and convenience.

These new features, and many more, have made Microsoft Exchange 2013 a must-have for
all of you who wish increase your productivity, organize your data and maintain
adequate control of it.