The New Changes in Microsoft Windows 8

By: US Resources


The upgrades these days are hitting the market faster than one thought. Before you
have completely adjusted to one change, another change is already there to be
learnt. Although, changes are occurring in every industry, the computer
technology industry is by far, the most rapidly changing industry with numerous
changes continuously taking place making it difficult for people to cope with
their pace.

This summer, Microsoft surprised its users by launching the new Microsoft Windows 8
in the market which was very different from what current Windows had come to
expect from Microsoft. For many users this was a big turnoff as people nowadays
are short of time and do not have the enough patience to learn and adjust themselves
to their new system.

Below are some changes that users disliked in the new system. However, these changes
are for their own convenience and help them work with ease.

The Start Menu

This is the most common complaint received after the launch of Microsoft Windows 8.
The new system does not have a Start menu. All Microsoft users had become very
much accustomed to the start menu and the absence of it is a bit shocking for
many. But this loss is not as bad. The new screen of Windows 8 has a tiled
interface that displays all programs icons which makes it very easy to search
and select the program you want.

The Touch Screen

Another feature of the new Microsoft Windows 8 is the touch screen. Even though many
people who use tablets and touch phones are now quite accustomed to this
feature, older PC users who were comfortable with using keyboard keys and mouse
are now going to face some difficulty in upgrading to the new version.

However, this change was quite expected as every technology is now opting for the touch-screen
feature. It is not very difficult to adjust to it, and those who do, will
actually start enjoying it.


The users of Microsoft Windows 8 are finding it very difficult to multitask as they
can now only access two apps at a time while the rest of them run in the
background. It is just a matter of time before they learn how to switch between
the other open apps. In fact, this is a more natural and comfortable way of
multitasking as compared to the old method.

Shut Down

For new users, searching for a way to shut down will be difficult at first. The
power or shut down button is in settings, located on the bar which appears on
the screen’s bottom right corner. It has several power options like sleep,
restart and shutdown.

Users need to be a little patient with this system and after some time, will come to
like it more than the old one.