The Two Sides of Microsoft Windows Server 2012

By: US Resources


The new Microsoft Windows Server 2012 has surprised a lot of Microsoft users after
its launch. People were highly comfortable with the old windows when this made
its way into the market. The operating system is very advanced and has been
highly criticized by users.

Generally, people are resistant to change but this OS has just rocked the world of
computers. Even though many new features of this OS have been disliked, there
are many things one just has to appreciate. Below are few of the advantages and
disadvantages of Microsoft Windows Server 2012.



This is one thing that many users have highly admired about the new OS. Microsoft
Windows Server 2012 installs very quickly and operates efficiently. Any program
can be run easily on this OS. It also reboots quickly which has been quite
liked by impatient users.


The server is easy to navigate and offers new and convenient ways of performing
many functions efficiently. Moreover, the new Microsoft Windows Server 2012 has
a Home Screen which is very different from its previous desktop screen. The
programs are displayed as tiles and are easy to search for and run.

A Storage Solution

Corporations these days are highly concerned about storing their data appropriately and
securely. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 includes an innovative feature that
lets you utilize economical hard drives to make a storage pool. This can be
later split into spaces which can then be used like regular disks. This
improves the utilization of resources and offers more scalability to the



The fresh “Metro” look makes it difficult to multitask as you will have to switch
between the Start Menu and Desktop interface to open other programs. This has
been highly disliked by some people as this is time-consuming and different form
the old Windows where all programs were displayed on the Task Bar below for
easy access.

More Clicks

The new Microsoft Windows Server 2012 requires many more clicks than before.
Firstly, there is no Start button on the main screen. To make the Start button
visible, a greater level of mouse precision is required as the button appears
after the mouse moves over the certain are which can be the bottom left or
right or the top right corners of the Home Screen.

Unorganized Display

The programs are just displayed in the Start Menu in an unstructured form. There is
no kind of categorization of the programs. Moreover, there is no way you can
re-categorize those programs into folders.

The advantages of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 outweigh the disadvantages considerably
and in a very short time this new OS will be accepted and used by everyone.