Microsoft Office 2013 – Say Hello to a Revolutionary Software

Microsoft Office is not much behind when it comes to keeping pace with newer technologies
and upgrades. The new Microsoft Office 2013 is an upgraded and more improved
version of Microsoft Office. Many existing features of this program have been
altered while some new features have also been added in the newer version.
Below are some of the key changes that have made Microsoft Office 2013 a more
user-friendly option for many.

The Novel Look

Unlike the previous shading and shadows of the older version, the new version of Microsoft
Office 2013 offers you a crisp new look that uses minimum colors or shadings to
give a flat and plain look. The new look of the user interface will certainly
prevent any distractions and will allow you to focus on your work.

Color-Coded Start

Each application now has a color to individualize it from the rest. The color codes
will help distinguish the different apps from each other while the start
screens will allow you to navigate from easily. The color code for Word is
blue, for Excel and Publisher is green and for PowerPoint is orange.

Integration with
Cloud Technology

Microsoft Office 2013 has responded to the constant changes in technology very well and
has now enabled integration with cloud technology to facilitate users. It is
designed to easily integrate with programs like SharePoint and SkyDrive for
users who prefer to save their work online. You can login into your account
from Microsoft Office 2013 and save your work on your account or locally on
your disk, whatever you like.

Editing PDF Files

Although you could save your Word file in PDF format using the older versions of
Microsoft Office, you were unable to edit PDF files using Word before
converting the format of the files to DocX or Doc. This new version of Word
will enable you to open PDF files on Word and easily edit them and then save
them in either PDF or DocX format. The PDF files that you will open on Word
will maintain its structure, including tables and charts, allowing you to work
on it easily.

Easy for Touch

The new Microsoft Office 2013 has added features that allow you to use the suite on
a touch screen device conveniently. This is an added benefit as many people are
now switching to touch devices and find them more convenient. You can use
gestures like pinch, stretch, tap, swipe or slide to access different features
of the app.

These new features in Microsoft Office 2013 will certainly make work easier for you.
It will enable you to be use your documents more flexibly than before.