Staff Augmentation – Bring In the Expert Touch

By: US Resources


Being ashamed of one’s deficiencies and hiding them instead of overcoming is simply not justified. It is obvious that a company cannot be 100% in all of its business processes; sure there are deficits. Therefore, staff augmentation is the absolute outsourcing strategy to meet those missing capabilities and skills in the most desirable manner.


A successful company is one that believes in productivity, value addition, creativity, and expert professional services in each of its business processes and practices. What matters most to a company? You may think it is the company’s brand, volume of revenue, financial backing, or market stability? Well, it’s none of the above! The human resource matters the most! It is the workforce that builds brands over a period of time, creates the flow of revenue through unmatched marketing strategies, allocates financial resources most appropriately, and only then the company achieves stability.

Overcome Gaps and Fluctuations

Human resource is the real essence of any organization. Staff skills and expertise along with the technical gadgets combine to deliver a breakthrough performance. However, there are times when a company may lack those skills and expertise in the employees that are required for a particular project or business process. A well-known strategy to overcome this problem is called staff augmentation. If you don’t have experts internally, then hire experts externally and access the missing capabilities or skills through staff augmentation.

Get the Desired Skill Set

An organization thrives to gain competitive advantage over its industry rivals. For this purpose, it is necessary that most of its business processes, if not all, should be near perfection. Being on top of the industry is indeed significant, and so is staff augmentation. The organization must have wide skill sets and expertise in different business processes. Therefore, contract workers can help out in this area, but only for project basis – meaning temporarily hired.

Aggressively Meet Deadlines

At times when companies are running short of time and projects are proceeding their deadlines, then it is just not feasible to train the employees in areas where they lack expertise. Be it a technical aspect or a personal management practice, training and development require time to complete. Under such circumstances if the company is determined to train the staff first and then complete the project with newly developed skills, it’s a good bet that the project won’t ever complete in time.

Staff augmentation enables the company to hire outsourced experts for a given aspect of the project where there is a lack of skills and expertise in the organization’s internal staff. Thus, hiring temporary staff from outside the organization enables the company to meet deadlines without compromising on quality and performance. Outsourced or contract workers are easy to find, and besides, the company is also not required to spend on hiring and de-hiring costs.