Staff Augmentation


Setting up offshore offices might not be a possibility for small and mid-sized organizations. But at the same the need for more IT staff remains a reality. For those looking for a solution to their IT requirements, our Staff Augmentation services are the perfect answer.

US Resources’ Staff Augmentation services will provide your businesses with many benefits.  You will get unparalleled industry and technical experience. This will help enhance the quality, speed and development while your organization gets to steer clear of training and skill development investments.

Our Staff Augmentation services provide your company with skilled personnel that are to be treated like your employees. They work under your supervision while developing and maintaining your applications. These skilled professionals are available every time you need help balancing the varying skill needs at your workplace. Our staff is also available to meet the needs of aggressive project deadlines. And they can be available to work for you on-site or remotely.

US Resources’ Staff Augmentation solutions provide you with skilled individuals trained in important IT technologies and screened for safety and for your needs. These are trained in web development, business analysis, systems analysis, project management and software development.

Also available are skilled technical writers, and experienced help desk and technical support staff.

US Resources has unparalleled experience in delivering industry renowned solutions that help organizations maximize their productivity and help them grow into powerful growth engines no matter where they are located on the map. When it comes to harvesting the best IT talent in the United States, we strive constantly to retain and train experts in their fields who can provide necessary skills whenever and wherever required.

Our staff augmentation technologies can help transform your business and take all the stress away from achieving deadlines. Your new staff can help ensure that all your applications are managed successfully and frequently. It is a challenge for businesses all over the world to find skilled IT experts who can ensure the quality of applications being developed and managed.

Your organization might be OK with having a third party manage their entire application environment or it may just need some more staff to supplement the in-house capabilities of the IT department. Either way, US Resources has you covered.

At US Resources we give you the freedom and flexibility to get staff resources as and when you need them. If you are gearing up for an extensive project that is about to start or maybe just want a few personnel with skills that can’t be found inside your organization, we are here to help.

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