Unified Communications

Most companies are aware that effective unified communications offers many benefits.

Some of these include:

•            Enabling new collaboration models
•            Creating an easy to use, effective and comprehensive communications experience
•            Increasing productivity and agility
•            Allowing coworkers and clients to connect instantaneously and directly (when ideas are articulated accurately, issues are resolved quickly and conveniently)
•            Reducing travel cost

However, did you know that in order to have effective and efficient unified communications, you must first address several critical areas?

1.           Communication platform
2.           Security
3.           Network management
4.           MDM

Usually these components are operating in silos in most organizations; and as a result “true” unified communication is never actually achieved.

If you want to maximize all the advantages of unified communications; you must have a secure, stable and efficient network infrastructure. The network infrastructure must integrate the communications platform you are using with security, network management and MDM (Mobile Device Management).

At US Resources we are experts at integrating and managing all the vital components required for “true” unified communications. This allows you to take advantage of all the great benefits it offers.

Request to have a US Resources expert take a look at your current unified communications strategy and offer suggestions on what you can improve.